One Hundred Years On

Now we are a month into 2014 the commemorations marking the outbreak of war one hundred years are starting to increase.

This week the BBC started to show the Jeremy Paxman programme Britain’s Great War  and we’re pleased to announce that the book accompanying the series is now in stock at Norfolk’s libraries. If you are a member of the library then you can reserve the book by following this link.

paxman book cover

The British Library  launched their World War One website this week and we’ve already spent a lot of time investigating the resources they’ve made available here.  The items that instantly caught my eye are those related to the war propaganda, who knew that fizzy water was such an important wartime item?!

However in Norfolk there didn’t seem to be any inkling at all that in just a few months the world would change forever.  The local papers for this week in 1914 are mostly filled with articles on how farmers can defeat pests in their crops and how to avoid coughs and colds.*

0 N

Every day life in Norwich c.1913 taken by Norfolk photographer George Swain.

Interestingly January 1914 was also a very windy month, but according to the Met Office it was also cold and there was little or no rain…


*news details taken from The Norwich Chronicle, held at the Norfolk Heritage Centre at the Millennium Library.


2 thoughts on “One Hundred Years On

  1. Hello
    I am very interested to read about your WW1 project in Norfolk. As a past participant to Turn the Page book fair at the Forum, I enjoyed looking in the library and listening to some of the poetry readings. I am based in the North East and currently working on a WW1 project in Hartlepool, with young people exploring their heritage using the medium of Mail Art. The young people plan to research aspects of their local history and transform this understanding into Mail Art. The Mail Art will be forwarded to artists and young people in Britain and abroad. The project opens up cross cultural dialogue with other countries (so far Germany, Ukraine, France, Belgium & Australia). If you would like to get involved in the project or follow the blog please do let me know. Theresa Easton

    • Dear Theresa,

      many thanks for you nice message, we’ll certainly take a look at your project and follow the blog. If you’d like to write a piece about your project to appear on our blog please email us and we’ll try and sort something out.

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