Book review

Remembrance by Theresa Breslin


I think that I read Remembrance when it first came out in 2003 but recently I was given a copy of the reprint to read and review.

I know that I enjoyed the book the first time around and that in a previous job I did recommend it to lots of readers but I couldn’t remember much of the plot at all.

The story is set in Scotland and starts just before the outbreak of WW1 and follows the lives of five young people from two families throughout the conflict.  The book is aimed at young adults and so not all of the horrors of war are discussed but equally they are not glossed over at any point.

We see life at the home front, in the trenches, in the munitions factories and in the hospitals and Breslin’s skill is in making all of these locations seem real.

As this is a book for young adults some of the themes are covered in a slightly superficial way, and many social issues of the day are touched on and resolved quickly but this doesn’t detract from a powerful, moving novel about the horror of war.

I freely admit that I did cry at least twice whilst reading the book and I can recommend it to anyone over the age of about 14 as a fascinating peek into World War One.

The notes at the back also provide a great launching point for discussions and further research.

If you’d like to read this book Norfolk Library users can request a copy on the catalogue.


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