Wymondham’s Great War

Earlier in May we held an event at Wymondham Library for budding historians and writers.

History came to life as  Hetty, A World War One Wymondham Housewife, came and read letters from her husband at the Front as well as an extract from a Wymondham war diary.


Hattie,  a Wymondham World War 1 housewife, shares with children, a couple of letters from her husband at the Front

There was also display featuring  photographs of Wymondham as well as  some reproduced documents that originally would have been pinned up around the town. These gave a real sense of what it would have been like to live in Wymondham at the time.


Examining medals, artefacts and documents with Pip Woodward form Wymondham Heritage Museum

After looking at these items people at the session also got the chance to explore some of our on-line resources, and trace local people via the Ancestry website.


Researching the family lives of Norfolk’s World War 1 soldiers, using Ancestry and Picture Norfolk.

All of this research was to help the young people come up with some ideas for a creative writing competition, their work and other WW1 in Wymondham projects will be on display at the Commemoration Day being held on July 5th at the Regal Cinema and then at The Forum, Norwich.

Many thanks to Picture Norfolk and the Wymondham Town Archive as they helped us with our Heritage Lottery Funded Project.

Rachel, Community Librarian at Wymondham.


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