War Diary August 1914

War Norfolk
Full European War StartsGermany and Austria-Hungary declare war on Russia (Aug 1st) and France (3rd Aug) HoardingShoppers hoarding food are rebuked in the local press for artificially raising prices and causing food shortages.
Britain Declares War on GermanyFollowing the violation of Belgian neutrality Britain declares war on Germany on 4th August Aliens in NorfolkAll residents living in Norfolk coming from ‘hostile countries’ must register with officials or face a harsh fine or imprisonment
British Troops Land in FranceThe BEF arrives in France on August 7th Norfolk Soldiers In FranceThe 1st Battallion of the Royal Norfolk Regiment land in Le Harvre on August 16th
Global WarThe war becomes a World War as Japan declares war on Germany on 23rd August, Norfolk men enlist500 Norfolk men have already enlisted by the end of the month, more ready to go as soon as the harvest is over.

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