Catching up on projects we’ve blogged about!

Since we’ve started blogging here we’ve mentioned several events and projects that staff from all over the county have been involved in, and after the big commemoration events on August 4th we thought we’d let you know how some of them have gone.

ww1 forum


We’ve posted several times about our projects with young people in Norwich and Yarmouth run in conjunction with the Society of Chief Librarians – and we hope that some of you managed to see the films while they were on the screen in Fusion at The Forum.

Norfolk was just one of several areas taking part in this project and now work from all over the country can be seen on the Digital Memorial.


Back in July we posted about the Wymondham School’s project. This comprised a day of event in Wymondham and then an exhibition held at the Forum in Norwich.  The organisers of the events have been in touch to let us know that many of the comments left by the public at the exhibitions are now on their blog.

I’ve had a read though of these and they are very moving, as was the exhibition in the Forum (the photo at the top of this page comes from that exhibition!)



Finally we hope that some of our readers were in Norwich on 4th August and perhaps did pop into the Forum to see some of our activities to commemorate the start of the war.

The day was a great success and as well as staff having fun dressing up we also hope that those who came enjoyed the activities – we know that on the military history stand we helped to uncover some new family knowledge for people.

Our events were rounded of with a superb talk from Neil Storey and then those who stayed in the city for the “Lights Out” commemoration have all said how moving it was.

Photographers from The Forum have posted their pictures on Flickr for anyone to see.







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