Burrell’s Men’s Relief Scheme

The men who worked at St. Nicholas works in Thetford organised a relief scheme for those who suffered hardship due to the war. Workers employed by Charles Burrell & Sons submitted a weekly voluntary levy of two and a half percent of their wages to be administered by themselves.

Those who faced hardship due to the war included those who were invalided out,dependents of those killed in action and the dependents of soldiers who gave up their livelihood to fight for their country.

By  September 1914, as a result of the two and a half percent levy, £10 18s 4d  had been raised for the National Relief Fund.

A committee was formed from those who worked at the St. Nicholas works to distribute the money : it was given to local families and grants were made to the National Relief  Fund and other funds.


One thought on “Burrell’s Men’s Relief Scheme

  1. Is there a list available to see who received that relief? I have two relatives who worked there before the war and signed up!

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