War Diary November 1914

War Norfolk
Battle of CoronelA British squadron of ships is defeated by the German East Asiatic Squadron off the coast of Chile. Sheringham EnlistmentAn article in the local press criticises enlistment figures: “It has frequently been said that the parish of Sheringham has done little or nothing to help in this time of national need as the young men of Sheringham did not come forward in large numbers at the start of the war. But now, nearly 150 men have already joined and others are coming forward.”
Indian Army Lands in MesopotamiaCommonwealth soldiers arrive in the Middle East to protect British Oil interests and to encourage an Arab revolt against Turkish Rule. Norwich man gets three months in prisonA local man, lodging at the Soldiers and Sailors Institute, Tombland, is sentenced to three months in prison for obtaining by false pretences 10s from the Soldiers and Sailors Help Society after claiming he had 20 years of service, a bullet wound and several medals. However the reason for his discharge was that he did not show signs of becoming an efficient solider and was constantly sick and shirked general duties. He had never served in the front line.

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