Mesopotamian Map Overview

Our Middle Eastern researcher is taking a well deserved break over the festive period but has sent us one last treasure for 2014:

An overview of the Mesopotamian Campaign as published in the Sphere 19th April 1919

An overview of the Mesopotamian Campaign as published in the Sphere 19th April 1919

This map appeared on 19 April 1919 in ‘The Sphere’, an illustrated magazine of the time which was similar in format to ‘The Graphic’ and ‘The Illustrated London News’. It summarizes the progress of the Mesopotamian Campaign from the occupation of Basra in November 1914 to the occupation of Mosul on 30 October 1918. It also delineates the areas commanded by Generals Barrett, Nixon, Maude and Marshall. General Lake, it should be noted, is not included in these areas, for his operations were confined to the attempt to relieve Kut.

In 2015 we’ll be hearing more about this oft forgotten field of war as well as news from the Western, Eastern and Home Fronts.

If you would like to see your research or family memories on the blog please do just drop us a line / @norfolkinww1

3 thoughts on “Mesopotamian Map Overview

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  2. Hi Sarah

    Do you know if there is anyone who could help me find a map of the Tochi Valley in 1918-1919? My great uncle was in the 2nd Battalion North Staffordshire’s and fought in the Third Afgan War. I have tried without success to find something on the Internet. Many thanks for your help.

    Tricia Lattimore

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Tricia,
      having spoken with some people here we have two places that you might want to try:

      The National Archive – and they have on line advisor on Tuesdays-Friday 1-5

      and the

      The Staffordshire Regiment itself –

      It may also be worth seeing if the Imperial War Museum has any resources, if they do I recommend a visit to their reading room in London as the room is wonderful!

      Hope this helps, please keep us posted on your research,


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