War Diary January 1915

War Norfolk
First Airship RaidGerman airships bomb Britain for the first time targeting Great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn, 5 civilians are killed. No Cause for Alarm (Jan 5th)Residents of North Norfolk becoming nervous of the possibility of Zeppelins are reassured that the journey across the North Sea is far too perilous at this time of year and that Zeppelins are a failure for military purposes – practically every one used for this object have been met with disaster.
First Gas Attack in BattleAt the Battle of Bolimov the Germans use poison gas in artillery shells for the first time. Zeppelins in Norfolk (Jan 22nd)Two aircraft/airships dropped bombs on Sheringham, Gt Yarmouth, Ipswich, Kings Lynn and Sandringham. Two people are killed and two wounded in Yarmouth and in Lynn a boy is killed and houses and shops
Naval ActionAn encounter between British and German battlecruisers takes place in the North Sea and becomes known as the Action of the Dogger Bank Wounded Soldiers Arrive in Norwich100 wounded soldiers arrived at Thorpe Station and were taken to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. New arrivals had come direct from France by way of Boulogne and Dover. They included 36 stretcher beds and large proportion of ‘aged patients’ including a man well beyond 40.

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