War Diary February 1915

War Norfolk
Submarine Warfare starts


Germany announces unrestrained submarine warfare against merchant and passenger ships approaching Britain.  Ships will be sunk without warning regardless of nationality.


Thanks from the Front


Regimental Sergeant-Major J. Haggar of the 1st Battallion Norfolk Regiment writing from ‘Somewhere’, publicly sent his thanks for a gift of ‘electric torch lamps’, paid for by donations.


Attack on the Suez Canal


Turkish forces cross the Sinai Desert and assault the Suez Canal. The attack is strongly defeated.


Library Use


It was announced that 376 books were issued in January 1915. 10,874 borrowers had been enrolled to date.


  Time, Gentlemen, Please! Drink up!


The victualler of the Duke of Sussex on Botolph Street, Norwich, was brought before the Justices at the Guildhall and fined 6s, with 7s costs, for allowing customers to drink beer at 9.43pm. A new government regulation was in force making it illegal to sell intoxicating liquor between 9.30 and 11pm in an effort to curb drunken behaviour in urban areas occupied by the military.


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