War Diary March 1915

War Norfolk
Battle of Neuve Chapelle


British and Indian troops launch their first offensive in France with limited success.

German Aviators Rescued


Sailing trawler Newbay picked up 2 young German Airmen who had been adrift on their wrecked machine in the north sea for 40 hours. Lowestoft was under much excitement to have captured the 1st German Prisoners of War. The aviators were in a bad way after being exposed to the elements and shook hands with each crew member in appreciation.

Naval Blockade Begins


Royal Navy warships begin a concerted blockade of Germany and its ports.

Appeal for Men


Captain J.H.Kennedy made an appeal for more men to join the army. Since the war began over 10,000 men from Norfolk had enlisted. He was making a special appeal to the city of Norwich, because while the county with a population of 337,000 had enlisted over 9,000 recruits the city of Norwich with a population of 122,000 had given approximately only 1,000 men,



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