Information Needed about the People in this Photograph

Keith Wright has asked us to publish this photo as he would like to know more about it.
Details I have….
Photo taken at the back of The Buck public house, Sedgeford, Norfolk c 1916….Spring.
Seated with daughter Pansy (b. April 1915) is Olive and Alfred Wright from Colkirk (m. April 1914)
Alfred was also a blacksmith …forge next to the pub.
The soldiers were billeted in The Buck….one possibly has the surname Doggett.
I don’t know which military unit they are from or why they are in Sedgeford at this time. I understand there is a history of Zeppelin activity in this part of Norfolk.
The uniforms are quite plain.
Dating is based on Pansy being at least aged one (walking shoes) and the trees are in leaf/blossom.
Alfred (29) seems to be exempt from call up and the reason is unknown.
I have posted this and a few more photos on and there are more of the Wright Family
The Buck is featured on
If you have any information please contact Keith on
or write a comment below.



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