Changes to Family Life in Thetford

By May 1915, the war was starting to have a profound effect on family life in Thetford. Many men had joined the forces and there was a lack of painters,decorators,joiners, plumbers and the like;as yet no one had been trained to take their places.

Many mothers had to take on additional domestic chores as their husbands were away fighting and some received additional income from taking in washing from the troops. Unfortunately,this impacted on some boys school attendance as they had to collect the laundry from the soldiers and return it.

Many in Thetford were making sacrifices to reduce the consumption of resources such as fuel, food and other essentials and many noticed an increase in food prices.

Voluntary work in Thetford continued. The Red Cross held “Our Day” appeals, getting donations from street collections, house to house collections,sales of work and the occasional music concert in the Town Hall.

The Mayoress of Thetford (Mrs Charles Burrell) held a “Pound Day”on behalf of Belgian soldiers in the trenches. The idea was that Thetfordians would gift at least a pound or fraction of a pound of any suitable goods.Over 300 contributed and the Mayoress sent 350 lbs of groceries, 170 tins of preserves and £42 in money to London.


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