Lighting Order & Burrell’s Employees’ War Levy Fund

By September 1915 there were rumblings that some Thetford residents were not heeding the Lighting Order. Letters in the local newspaper complained that some inhabitants did not realize what a Zeppelin raid would mean and local residents continued to appear before the local magistrates for infringing the order.

The annual meeting of the Messrs. Burrell’s employees’ War Levy Fund was held at the works in September 1915. Between August 1914 to September 1915, £551 9s 8d had been raised:those earning £1 per week and over paid 3d into the fund, while those earning under £1 paid 2d, shop collections produced £14 4s 4d and a donation was received from Mr. C. Burrell.

The Treasurer’s report revealed that £385 19s 4d had been given to charities and good causes associated with the war effort during this period: for  example the British Red Cross Relief Fund received £150, Grand Duke Michael received £10 for mittens and gloves, Princess Mary’s fund £5 (for the sailors’ Christmas comforts), while grants to local widows, mothers and wives totalled £97 5s.



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