T E Lawrence and his legacy on stage pt. 1

Lawrence After Arabia, a new play by Howard Brenton


T E Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, has been mythologized greatly since the end of WW1 and with the 100th anniversary of the Arab Revolt being marked 2016 seems to be ‘his’ year.

I was lucky enough to attend the second preview of this new play about Lawrence and I really enjoyed it.

While the play is actually set in the early 1920s a lot of the story is told in flash back and centres on Lawrence’s involvement with the aforementioned Arab Revolt.

The play itself was a simple story and although it imparted a lot of information about Arabia in WW1 I didn’t feel like I was attending a lecture and I thought that the foreshadowing of how events in 1916 still influence life in 2016 were very well handled.

Sadly the play has finished its run in London now, but I hope that it transfers or tours soon as I’d certainly like to see it again. The play script is available to buy and make a great read and of course there are plenty of books on Lawrence of Arabia published – many of which can be borrowed from Norfolk’s libraries.

Jack Laskey (T E Lawrence) and Khalid Laith (Prince Feisal) in Lawrence After Arabia by Howard Brenton @ Hampstead Theatre. Directed by John Dove.
©Tristram Kenton 05/16


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