Animals at War

With thanks to our Mesopotamian researcher for this aside!


General Sir Charles Townshend’s Terrier

During the siege of Kut al Amara Spot accompanied General Townshend on his regular patrols of the besieged town. Spot had been with his master through all the battles from Kurna through to Ctesiphon, and when the Kut garrison surrendered on 29 April 1916 Townshend asked if Spot could be send back down the Tigris to Basra in a hospital ship. Khalil Pasha, the Turkish commander, agreed.

Source: Sherson, Townshend of Chitral and Kut, 1928

General Mellis’ dog went with Spot and they both found a home with Sir Wilfred Peek. Whether Spot survived to rejoin his master in Norfolk after the war is not known…


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