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Local historian Neil Storey has kindly shared the bibliography from his book Norfolk in the Great War.  If you are looking to find out more about how the war affected Norfolk this list and Neil’s books are great starting points.

Many of these books will only be available in some libraries and some may be reference only, but all of the details will be on the library catalogue.

If you are looking for more general books about the First World War then this Great War site offers a great list to use as a starting point.

Christopher Andrew – Secret Service: The Making of the British Intelligence Community (1985)

Jeremy Bastin – The Norfolk Yeomanry in Peace and War (1986)

Christopher Bird – Silent Sentinels (1999)

Tim Carew – The Royal Norfolk Regiment (1967)

A. E. Clark-Kennedy – Edith Cavell: Pioneer and Patriot (1965)

Terry Davy – Dereham in the Great War (1990)

A. Campbell Erroll, A History of Sheringham and Beeston Regis (1970)

Val Fiddian – Salthouse: The Story of a NorfolkVillage (2003)

Harold Hood – Illustrated Memorial of the East Coast Raids by the German Navy and Airships (1915)

C. B. Hawkins – Norwich: A Social Study (1910)

L. L. Gore – The History of Hunstanton (1983)

Gerald Gliddon – Norfolk & Suffolk in the Great War (1988)

Jane Hales – A Tale of the Norfolk Red Cross (1970)

Holcombe Ingleby – The Zeppelin Raid in West Norfolk (1915)

Brigadier E. A. James – British Regiments 1914-18 (1993)

Major J H Kennedy – Attleborough in War Time (c1920)

Peter Kent – Fortifications of East Anglia (1988)

Colonel C E Knight MBE – The Auxiliary Hospitals The British Red Cross Society and St John Ambulance in Norfolk 1914-1919 (1989)

Herbert Leeds – Norwich Peace Souvenir (1920)

Lyn MacDonald – 1914 (1987)

Captain Joseph Morris – The German Air Raids on Great Britain (1969)

Maurice Morson – A Force Remembered (2000)

Bob Ogley – The Norfolk and Suffolk Weather Book (1993)

F. Loraine Petre – The History of the Norfolk Regiment vol.II (1924)

Dr Eric Puddy – A History of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in Norfolk (1961)

Rowland Ryder – Edith Cavell (1975)

Sue Smart – When Heroes Die (2001)

C.F. Snowden Gamble – The Story of a North Sea Air Station (1928)

Diana Souhami – Edith Cavell (2011)

Peter M. Walker – Norfolk Military Airfields (1997)

Suggestions sent in:

Stuart John McLaren – ‘They Are Not Dead‘. A Norwich Parish in the First World War. Remembering a Lost Generation (2014)

Stuart John McLaren ed. – ‘Somewhere in Flanders‘. A Norfolk Padre in the Great War. The War Letters of The Revd Samuel Frederick Leighton Green MC, Army Chaplain 1916-1919 (2005)

Steve Smith – ‘Norfolk – Remembering 1914-1918‘. (2014)

Neil Storey – ‘Animals in World War One‘ (2014)

”       ”        – ‘Norfolk Goes to War’ (2014)

”       ”         – ‘Royal Norfolk Regiment‘ (1997)

”       ”          – ‘Women in the First World War‘ (2010)

”       ”          -‘Zeppelin Blitz: The German Air Raids on Great Britain during the First World War‘ (2015)


Carol Ann Duffy ed. 1914 Poetry Remembers (2013)

Written for young adults and children 

Barroux (trans. Sarah Ardizzone) – Line of Fire: Diary of an Unknown Soldier August-September 1914

Ruth Brocklehurst and Henry Brook – Introduction to the First World War (Usborne)

Henry Brook – History of Britain: The First World War (Usborne)

Paul Dowsell – The Story of the First World War (Usborne)

Jim Eldridge – Stories of the First World War

Michael Foreman – Ali Pasha

Rob Lloyd Jones – Inside the First World War (Usborne)

Conrad Mason – The First World War (Usborne)

Gaby Morgan – Poems from the First World War

Brian Moses and Roger Stevens – What Are We Fighting For?

Sarah Ridley – Brothers At War

Philip Steele – Men, Women and Children in the First World War

Alex Woolf – You Wouldn’t Want to be in the Trenches in World War One!


These lists are by no means definitive and if you have any suggestions for books that we should include please email


2 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Books

  1. I thk you need to mention R H Mottram’s Spanish Farm trilogy & Henry Williamson’s Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight novels which give a hugely impressive perspective on the war itself,the pre -1914 world it replaced & the aftermath of that war.Mottram was of course a Norwich man & Williamson farmed at Stiffkey before & during WW2.

    • Many thanks for these suggestions. Sadly the R H Mottram books appear to be out of print at present but if they are reprinted we’ll add them to the list. We do have some of the Henry Williamson books so will add them to our fiction list. If you are a fan please do consider writing a review of the books for our blog!

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