Remembering Charles Dew

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Born:              5th February 1899, Framingham Pigot[1]

Enlisted:         5th February 1917 (called up), Norwich – 17th Battalion Royal Fusiliers (Private 75229) [2]


 Died:               21st December 1918 – Wood Norton[3]

Age:                19

Memorial:       Buried in Wood Norton churchyard

Medals:          British War Medal;      Victory Medal;             Silver War Badge[4]     Residence:     The Lodge, Wood Norton[5]


Charles Dew was born on the 5th February 1899, the son of Thomas George and Ann Elizabeth Dew.  He was baptised on the 14th May 1899, in Framingham Pigot parish church (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Extract from the Framingham Pigot Baptisms, 1899


Whilst the British Army WW1 Service Records 1914-1920 do not appear to have survived for Charles, his WW1 Pension Records have.[6]  These records note that he was 5’ 2” tall, his occupation was ‘motor driver’, and he lived with his family at The Lodge, Wood Norton.  This was the lodge to Wood Norton Hall, so Charles may, therefore, have been employed as a driver at the Hall before he was called up.

He served in a variety of units.  On call up (5th February 1917) he was posted to the 29th Reserve Battalion (Royal Fusiliers), then moved to the 255th Infantry Battalion, then to the 52nd Battalion (Reserves, Royal Fusiliers).  There was a spell in the Royal West Surrey Regiment (between December 1917 and February 1918), and then a move to the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) on the 18th February 1918.  On the 20th February 1918 he joined the 17th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers and was posted to France, but this overseas service was short-lived – just a couple of months from the 18th February 1918 to the 29th March 1918.[7]

Charles was wounded in action at Cambrai on the 22nd March 1918.  In his Medical Report form (dated stamped 4th October 1918), it is reported that:

States he was hit on R. Arm by shrapnel piercing the muscles in middle 1/3 of Arm.  Was sent to 2nd Canadian Hosp near Boulogne & later transferred to England 2nd Gen Western Manchester.

The 2nd Canadian Hospital was the first of a series of Canadian base hospitals along the French coast between Boulogne and Dieppe.[8]  The 2nd Western General Hospital, located in Manchester and surrounding towns became the largest military hospital in the UK.[9]


The Medical Report form concludes with the opinion of the medical board, noting that the injury was a ‘through and through’ gun-shot wound:

G.S.W. Right Upper Arm (T&T) March 1918.  Unable to fully extend or flex R. arm.  Considerable atrophy of muscles of R forearm & hand.  Loss of sensation over little finger & under side of ring finger.  Scar 2 inches long inner border of R biceps.  Oblique scar 2 inches over part of biceps.

It was further noted that the disability was likely to last for 12 months, and that this ‘temporary’ disability was assessed at 50%.  After being wounded in action Charles was transferred to the 6th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers on the 13th August 1918, a Reserve Battalion based in Carrickfergus, Ireland.  It was from this regiment that he was discharged on the 2nd October 1918 under the King’s Regulations 392 (xvi)(a) K.R. Wnds [Wounds], surplus to military requirements (having suffered impairment since entry into the service), with a 60% pension for a six month period (until the 8th April 1919).  He was awarded the Silver War Badge (number 472163) on the 28th April 1920 (see Figure 2).[10]

Figure 2 : Medal Roll index card for Charles Dew

Sadly, just over two months after being discharged from the army, Charles died at home on the 21st December 1918, aged 19.  His death certificate records the cause of death as (1) pneumonia and (2) influenza.  He was buried in Wood Norton churchyard on the 24th December 1918; his headstone bears the inscription One of the Heroes.

Whether his death was as a result of the ‘Spanish Flu’ pandemic is not known, but the outbreak of the disease in the UK reached its peak at the end of the war, brought home (it is thought) by those servicemen returning from the trenches in Northern France.  Young adults were particularly affected and the disease progressed quickly in those cases, rapidly developing into pneumonia.[11]

Further research into Charles’s family reveals that his father, Thomas George Dew, was born in 1864 in Salthouse, the son of George Valentine and Martha Ann Dew (nee Bunn).[12]  Thomas married Ann Elizabeth Platten, the daughter of George and Charlotte Platten,  on the 31st May 1886, in Kelling parish church.[13]   He died on the 15th January 1937, aged 72, and is buried in Wood Norton.[14]  Ann Elizabeth Platten was born in 1868, in County Durham.[15]  She died in 1944, aged 76, and is buried in Wood Norton.[16]

The 1911 census for Wood Norton[17] records that Thomas (aged 46, and a game keeper) and Ann had eight children, with the three youngest living at home:

Name Born Died
Martha Ann 1897, Kelling.[18]

In the 1911 census, Martha is aged 23, married, and living in Hellington (Burgh Apton).[19]  She married Arthur Brookes in 1908.[20]

1956, Hellington (Burgh Apton) with a recorded age of 67.[21]
George Thomas 16 June 1890, Spennymoor, Durham.[22]

In the 1911 census, George is aged 20 and a farmworker, living with his widowed grandmother, Martha Ann Dew, in Holt.[23]

26th December 1969, Foulsham Road, Wood Norton, aged 79.[24]
James * 23rd August 1892, Letheringsett.  Baptised 27th March 1898, Framingham Pigot.[25]

In the 1911 census, James is aged 18 and a ‘Puller”, living with his uncle, William Dew, in Annfield Plain (Durham).[26]  James served in WW1, and married Sarah Kate Preston in 1921.[27]

1967, Yelverton, aged 74.[28]
Rose Born 28 October 1894.  Baptised 9th December 1894, Kelling.[29]

In the 1911 census, Rose is aged 16, and a parlour maid for the Norris family.[30]  She married Sidney Herbert Myhill on the 29th November 1915, in Wood Norton parish church.[31]

1981, aged 87.[32]
Beatrice Jane * 8th March 1897, Framingham Pigot.  Baptised 27th March 1898, Framingham Pigot.[33]

In the 1911 census, Beatrice is aged 14 and living with family relatives (Rose Hannah McCormick, nee Platten) in South Wales.[34]  Beatrice married Joseph Shipley on the 16th September 1925, in Wood Norton parish church.[35]

1960, aged 62.[36]
Charles 5th February 1899, Framingham Pigot.

In the 1911 census, Charles is aged 12, and at school.

21st December 1918, Wood Norton.
Grace Charlotte 11th June 1901, Framingham Pigot.  Baptised 13th April 1902, Framingham Pigot.[37]

In the 1911 census, Grace is aged 9, and at school.[38]

12th May 1969, Hoe (Dereham), aged 68.[39]
Walter Norton 3rd January 1910, Wood Norton.

Baptised 15th May 1910, Wood Norton.[40]  In the 1911 census Walter is aged 1.[41]  He married Agnes Wilde in 1936.[42]

1982, aged 72.[43]


*  James and Beatrice were baptised on the same day

James Dew is also recorded on the Wood Norton war memorial, as he served in WW1 (in the Suffolk Regiment and the Tank Corps) – he survived the conflict.

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