Surveying War Memorials

About a month ago I was lucky enough to go on a course run by Civic Voices all about surveying the country’s war memorials.

The course was run on behalf of the War Memorials Trust and there are two ideas behind the campaign:

  • to get complete record of all of the nation’s war memorials doesn’t currently exist and this is a drive to get them all noted down while there is interest in commemoration.
  • to survey all the memorials, many were designed and built just after WW1 and so are now about a hundred years old and could be in need of repair or even be in danger of falling down.

The course was really interesting, our tutor Anna took us through the wheres/whys/hows and then we got the chance to put what we’d learned into practice and went out to complete a survey on a Norwich memorial.img_4671

After a chilly hour outside we came back and discussed our findings and then looked at how to record what we’d noted on the website.

There are still some courses around the country that you can attend to learn about this project in person but to help in this project you don’t need to actually go to one of these – all the details are explained in on line in their toolkit. The video is most helpful – I’ve rewatched it ready to go out and do my first survey!

Remembering those who died in Mesopotamia autumn 1914-April 1915

Following on from all of his research into the Norfolk Regiment in Mesopotamia our researcher has found the names of all of the Regiment who died in this theatre of war between Autumn 1914 and April 1915.  With the vast numbers of deaths that happened at Gallipoli and on the Western Front during 1915 it seems apt to remember them here.

Norfolk Regiment Casualties of War buried in Basra War Cemetery or commemorated on the Basra Memorial

Further details of grave numbers and panel commemorations for individual soldiers can be found at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site:

Information about the Basra Cemetery can be found at:

Deaths November- December 1914

Name Rank Service Number Date of Death
BOWEN, FREDERICK CHARLES Private 8029 07/12/14
BROWN, E Private 8250 18/11/14
BYAM, ERNEST Private 8601 07/12/14
CLARKE, WILLIAM OSBORNE Private 8436 17/11/14
COLLINS, GEORGE ALFRED Private 8389 17/11/14
COPEMAN, BERTIE ROBERT Private 8572 07/12/14
DANIELS, CHARLES EDWARD Private 6699 17/11/14
DENNY, ARTHUR THOMAS Private 8340 13/11/14
GOODSON, JOHN Private 7368 17/11/14
McGRATH, E Serjeant 5640 10/12/14
NEALE, A Private 8303 30/11/14
SHEPHERD, C H Private 8496 06/02/15
SWABY, PHILIP Serjeant 5374 07/12/14
WHEELER, F Private 8293 18/11/14
WHITWOOD, H Private 8306 09/12/14
WYMER, H E Private 8428 11/12/14
Basra War Memorial

Basra War Memorial

Deaths February-April 1915

Name Rank Service Number Date of Death
BELL, ERNEST GEORGE Private 8557 15/04/15
BROWNRIGG, JOHN HULEATT Lieutenant 14/04/15
BUNTING, F J Private 7635 14/04/15
BURTON, W H Private 8505 15/04/15
CAMPEN, W G Private 8555 15/04/15
CARTER, SIDNEY WILLIAM Lance Corporal 7944 14/04/15
CHAPMAN, G W Private 7655 14/04/15
CHESSUM, C F Private 8269 15/04/15
CLARKE, J W Private 8033 15/04/15
CORNISH, W J Private 8484 14/04/15
DRAKE, B C Private 8352 14/04/15
EMMS, E P Lance Corporal 7912 14/04/15
EWIN, W J Company Serjeant Major 4507 14/04/15
FOUNTAIN, R Private 7680 14/04/15
FRANCIS, S Private 8617 14/04/15
HEAVENS, W H Private 8409 14/04/15
HITCHMAN, HERBERT Lance Corporal 8037 14/04/15
HORGAN, DANIEL Private 7137 14/04/15
LEVERIDGE, W Lance Serjeant 7226 14/04/15
NORTON, M Lance Corporal 7434 14/04/15
RANDALL, H Private 8062 15/04/15
SEMMENCE, ALBERT DAVEY Regimental Serjeant Major 3326 14/04/15
SHEPHERD, C H Private 8496 06/02/15
SMITH, F Private 8101 14/04/15
SMITH, R G Private 8403 14/04/15
STIMPSON, W W Private 7734 14/04/15
SUTTON, J H Private 8313 14/04/15
THURGILL, STEPHEN Private 7844 22/04/15
WARD, J W Private 7378 14/04/15
WICK, W Private 7604 14/04/15
WOODBINE, J Private 7458 14/04/15
WOOLTORTON, E R Corporal 6792 14/04/15
WYNN, RICHARD ALEXANDER Second Lieutenant 14/04/15