War Diary February 1916

War Norfolk
Conscription Begins in UK


Following the passing of the Military Service Act in January conscription of single men aged between 18 and 41 begins.



Norfolk Air Raids


Four German seaplanes appeared over Lowestoft yesterday (25/2) around 11am. They circled over the south side of the town dropping a total of 17 bombs. Considerable damage was caused to a restaurant’s outbuildings and two dwellings, but there were no casualties. Two naval seaplanes pursued them without result


Battle of Verdun


Following heavy bombardment the German launch an attack on the small city of Verdun. The battle continues until December.


Parcels for POWs


430 parcels of food and clothing were despatched to Norfolk Regiment prisoners of war in Germany.


  Advice for Farmers


With the protraction of hostilities home production of food has become vital especially of milk, butter and meat. Messrs Sutton’s Farmers Year Book for 1916 is recommended as it emphasizes the desirability of growing much larger quantities of fodder for cattle.


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