Operation Norfolk Remembers

The Forum in Norwich (home to the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library) will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme between 6th and 10th July, with a full day of events on Saturday 9th July.

From Weds 6th people will be able to take part in the Great War Trench Experience:

Transport yourself to the Western Front during WW1 with a visit to the War and Peace Great War Trench Experience.

This above-ground trench evokes the sights and sounds of life on the front line and the experienced educational team help bring the trench to life for visitors with story-telling and drills.

Enter the trench and look in on the Officers’ Dugout, where the commanders are discussing strategies over a glass of the local tipple. Creep along the trench or hop-up and look over the top – but don’t disturb the sleeping soldier hidden away in his bunk.

Handle a replica WW1 weapon, and for students, try on battledress to get a sense of how it felt for soldiers. The trench experience is an educational and entertaining way to learn more about life on the front line… with a surprise or two in store.

Set in a 40 foot trailer, the trench was built by professional set-designer, Michael Whiteley, with input from a theatrical lighting company and historian.

The on Saturday 9th July the day becomes Operation Norfolk Remembers – a project organised by the British Army, UEA, The Cambridge University Officer’s Training Corps and more with the aim of getting an image of every war memorial in Norfolk taken on the same day to create a new digital legacy to those who lost their lives in World War One.

The images will be able to be seen as they come in at The Forum, King’s Lynn Library and Great Yarmouth Library making it a countywide event. The information below explains more.

Operation NORFOLK REMEMBERS is a county-wide partnership involving Cambridge University Officers’ Training Corps (CUOTC), The University of East Anglia (UEA) and partners. It aims to mobilise the communities of Norfolk to submit photographs of their nearest WWI war memorial, in order to create a unique digital display that will show every WWI war memorial in Norfolk on the same day. This ambitious community project invites everyone in Norfolk to commemorate and remember local people who gave their lives during WWI and build a digital legacy for future generations. 

Photo: Denise Bradley / Archant

Here’s how you can get involved on Saturday 9 July:

  •  Please register your interest to be involved in the photography of your local WWI memorial as soon as possible via Twitter@OpNR2016, Facebook facebook.com/OpNR2016  or emailop.norfolk.projectofficer@gmail.com 
  • Either alone, or with family, friends and colleagues, visit your nearest WWI memorial with a camera (it might be worth trying this out prior to the day so you know that it will be accessible).
  • Take a photo of you / your group next to your local memorial AND a photo of the memorial on its own, showing the list of names from WWI of the people who are commemorated on the memorial.
  • Visit the CUOTC website at www.army.mod.uk/UOTC/30757.aspxto download the “How To Guide” for details of where your photographs should be sent.   

As photos arrive via email from all over Norfolk, a team of experts create a digital collage on three big screens outside The Forum, as well as in the libraries of Kings Lynn and Great Yarmouth. 

Join the other activities taking place inside and outside The Forum including The War and Peace Great War Trench Experience, equipment and vehicles from the WW1, archive film and photographs, the Battle of the Somme exhibition, craft activities, children’s storytelling and much more.



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