War Diary September 1917

War Norfolk
Battle of the Menin Road Ridge

Renewed attack by British, Australian and New Zealand troops towards Passchendaele begins and steady advances, in dry weather, are made.

Visitor Fined for Taking Photographs

A London school teacher was fined 10s for breaching the Defence of the Real Regulations by taking photographs of minesweepers off Sheringham. Police claimed there was adequate signage throughout the town.

Stormtrooper Tactics Used

 Germans capture Riga on the Baltic coast using their new ‘stormtrooper’ tactics for the first time.

Norfolks’ Graves in Gaza

 Lieut. Larking returning to Norwich on leave had photographed the graves of Norfolk men to give to their relatives. Four were unknown to him so he wrote to the Chronicle so the relatives could write to him for the photographs.


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