A well read war

As a volunteer I have been helping research aspects of World War One that are to be included in the forthcoming Armistice: Legacy of the Great War in Norfolk exhibition and I have been drawn down all sorts of fascinating research paths.

As ever when I get interested in something I research far more information than is practical to share in a limited physical space but the Norfolkinww1 blog allows me to share this in longer form.

My main areas of research have been into agriculture, Conscientious Objectors and popular books and I have become fascinated by all three areas – much to my surprise with the agricultural research as I have the least green fingers around.

This piece will share some of my research into books and authors publishing during World War One. Continue reading


Diaries at war

Recent posts detailing the movements of the Norfolk Regiment in Mesopotamia have drawn heavily on diaries kept by officers from the Battalion, and we’ll be featuring more about these men here very soon.

Diaries make fascinating reading and we’ve just discovered a wonderful new website one which the diaries of Lieutenant James Brierley are being published exactly 100 years on from when it was originally written.

You can read the diary here, and it is a wonderful mix of military observation and personal comment.

If you want to read more diaries from World War One then there Norfolk’s libraries have lots to look through and borrow – here are just a sample!

The War Diaries of a Norfolk Man – William C. Bennett

war diary






Harry’s War – ed. Jon Cooksey & David Griffiths

Harry's war






Edward Hicks: A Pacifist Bishop at War – ed. G. R. Evans







The Diary of A Nursing Sister

nursing sister






A Doctor on the Western Front – ed. John Hutton

Dr West






Drawing Fire – the diary of a Great War soldier and artist – Len Smith

drawing fire

News snippets

News about a about a World War 1 Project and new book sent in by one of our colleagues in the North-West of the county.

World War One Group Photograph

Sparked by reading his great-grandfather’s letters from the trenches, Andrew Tatham went exploring and came upon a First World War group photograph with his great-grandfather in the centre. He decided to use it as the starting point for some artwork looking at the effect of the First World War on the 46 men pictured and their families. Having contacted all the families, he is now getting ready for an exhibition in In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres in Belgium in September 2015.  Find out more at www.groupphoto.co.uk


1914 – 1919: The War Diaries of a Norfolk Man by William C. Bennett

This book presents the diaries of a man who enlisted in August 1914, the first month of the war and served until May 1919. William Bennett fought on the Somme and at Passchendaele. He was wounded and hospitalised more than once. William recounts the time when a German Sniper bullet passed through his nose and killed his comrade beside him. On another occasion, Bennett was struck in the thigh by shell casing and twenty years later his leg had to be amputated.

The Norfolk connection is strong as William relates episodes from his childhood and visits home from the Front.

1914-1919: The War Diaries of a Norfolk Man

1914-1919: The War Diaries of a Norfolk Man