Our World War 1 project, which will run for four years, will tell Norfolk’s unique story, particularly in relation to the impact of the war at home, its impact on families, on the civilian population, on the work of women, the struggle for the vote, the role of workers and radical politics, of conscientious objectors, of other support services like the Red Cross and Forage Corps and the implications of war on local agriculture and industry.

Commemoration and telling good human stories are key to our project

If you have any Norfolk in World War 1 stories or information that we could include on this page please email norfolkinworldwar1@gmail.com

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We have always wanted to make sure that the Norfolkinworldwar1.org site was a community project and we thank everyone who has shared their stories, left comments on the site or emailed us over the past few years. Rest assured we plan on continuing to share stories, histories and events with you up until the end of this year at the very least.

Please also be assured that we do not share your contact details without seeking your permission first – I know that in several instances friendships have been made through stories published on the blog and we are very happy to have facilitated this.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Do you have any stories about Australian soldiers in Lakenham Hospital during World War 1? My grandfather was there for a while, Vincent Roy Lennon. Would be nice if there was some anecdotes about people visiting or what the staff were like,
    Thank you

  2. Hi
    Are you able to send me an email address that I can send you some information to send out about our Project Norfolk Remembers please.

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